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2007 – 2016 Silverado GMC Sierra 3 inch Leveling Kit Front with 2 inch Lift Kit Rear

2007 - 2016 Silverado GMC Sierra 3 inch Leveling Kit Front with 2 inch Lift Kit Rear
2007 – 2016 Silverado GMC Sierra 3 inch Leveling Kit Front with 2 inch Lift Kit Rear


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Chevy Silverado 3" Front and 2" Rear lift kit for 2007-2016 GMC Sierra Leveling

3" Front & 2" Rear

Leveling Lift Kit

Pair of Billet Aluminum Lift Spacers and Rear Lift Blocks


  • 2007 - 2016 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 2WD
  • 2007 - 2016 GMC SIERRA 1500 2WD
  • 2007 - 2016 CHEVY SILVERADO 1500 4WD
  • 2007 - 2016 GMC SIERRA 1500 4WD


  • 2 Front Lift Spacers
  • 2 Rear Lift Blocks
  • 4 "U" Joints
  • Directions & Hardware


This kit can be installed in little to no time at all. Please be aware that these spacers will raise your truck by a
TRUE 3 in the front and TRUE 2" in the rear.

Also, please note the lift spacer thickness and lift is not a 1 to 1 ratio and will NOT equal advertised lift due to
the suspension geometry.




Year Make Model Note
2007 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2008 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2009 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2010 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2011 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2012 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2013 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2014 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2015 Silverado 1500 2WD & 4WD
2007 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2008 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2009 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2010 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2011 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2012 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2013 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2014 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2015 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD
2016 Sierra 1500 2WD & 4WD

GM 1500 Front Leveling Kit Installation Instructions

  • 1. First, block the rear tires of your vehicle so that it is stable and cannot roll back. Lift the front end of the
    vehicle safely and support the frame using jack stands. Place one jack stand on each side of the vehicle and remove
    both front tires.
  • 2. Use a 15mm wrench to unbolt the nut for the sway bar end link. Take out sway bar end link.
  • 3. Use a 10mm socket or wrench to unbolt the brackets for the ABS line.
  • 4. Unbolt the 13mm single bolt holding the brake line bracket to the coil housing.
  • 5. Using a floor jack, support the lower control arm.
  • 6. Using a 21mm socket unbolt the nut holding the tie rod to the knuckle.
  • 7. Loosen the nut holding the upper ball joint to the knuckle using an 18mm socket.
  • 8. Using a hammer, strike the side of the knuckle where the upper ball joint and tie rod are. The tie rod and upper
    ball joint will then separate from the knuckle.
  • 9. Remove upper ball joint and tie rod from knuckle.
  • 10. Use an 18mm wrench to unbolt the 3 nuts holding the strut assembly to the housing/frame.
  • 11. Unbolt the 2 bolts holding the strut to the lower control arm using a 15mm socket. The head of the bolts is on
    the underside of the lower control arm.
  • 12. Remove the floor jack for the lower control arm, then remove the strut from vehicle.
  • 13. Screw the allen heads into the spacer. The threaded portion will come out of the spacer and the head of the
    screws will be inside the spacer.
  • 14. Trim or grind the factory studs down until they are below the top surface of the spacer.
  • 15. Set spacer on top of the strut assembly (will only go on one way). Use a 16mm deep socket and the nuts provided
    in the kit to bolt the spacer to the strut assembly.
  • 16. Rotate the strut assembly 180 degrees so that the holes on the upper coil bucket line up with the 3 studs
    coming out of the spacer (will only go in one way) Do not bolt the strut yet.
  • 17. Using a floor jack, raise the lower arm slightly so that the lower part of the strut can be bolted to the lower
    control arm using the 15mm factory bolts.
  • 18. Press upper portion of strut assembly into the coil bucket. Using a floor jack, raise the lower control arm
    until the 3 studs on top go through the 3 holes on the coil bucket.
  • 19. Bolt the 3 nuts to the strut using an 18mm wrench.
  • 20. Lower floor jack and place the jack under the knuckle. Hold the bracket for the ABS line so that it is on the
    right side.
  • 21. While supporting the knuckle, raise the floor jack until you are able to partially reinsert the threaded
    portion of the upper ball joint into the hole on the top of the knuckle.
  • 22. Insert a pry bar into the coil spring and pry down on the lower control arm until the upper ball joint can be
    bolted to the knuckle.
  • 23. Tighten the nut for the upper ball joint using an 18mm wrench and a plier (use the plier to keep the ball joint
    from rotating).
  • 24. Bolt the tie rod to the knuckle using a 10mm and 21mm wrench.
  • 25. Reinstall the brake line bracket and the ABS brackets.
  • 26. Using a 15mm nut, bolt back the sway bar end links.
  • 27. Install front wheel

GM 1500 Rear Lift Kit Installation Instructions

  • 1. Block the front wheels to keep from rolling and jack up the rear of vehicle. Support vehicle with jack stands
    and remove the rear tires.
  • 2. Using a floor jack support the rear axle and remove lower shock bolts with a 21mm wrench
  • 3. Remove factory U bolts.
  • 4. Remove stock blocks and install the new blocks on the axle. Make sure the axle pin and block align.
  • 5. Install the U bolts and hardware provided in the kit and secure to the correct factory torque specifications.
  • 6. Using a 21mm wrench, install the rear shock back in place.

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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 5 in
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