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2 inch ATV Wheel Spacers 4×137 | 4 Lug

2 inch ATV Wheel Spacers 4x137 | 4 Lug
2 inch ATV Wheel Spacers 4×137 | 4 Lug


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2 inch ATV Wheel Spacers 4x137 | 4 Lug


  • 2X: Wheel Spacers/Adapters
  • 8X: 10x1.25" Studs
  • 8X: 10x1.25" Lug Nuts

Gives Your ATV / UTV a more aggressive stance.

Will fit most vehicles with a 4X137 wheel stud pattern

Allows for better handling.

Designed to Move The Wheel Further Out From The Hub

Specification Size
Vehicle Bolt Pattern: 4x137
Wheel Bolt Pattern: 4x137
Thickness: 2"/50mm
Stud Thread Pattern: 10x1.25
Center Bore: 110mm
Size: 4x137 2" Wheel Spacers


  • The Wheel Spacer/ Adapter should be flush against the back of the wheel
  • Different size lug nuts may be required to hold these adapters to your vehicle.
  • Make sure that the studs on your vehicle are no longer than the thickness of the adapter.
  • To prevent the back of the wheel from hitting the studs, you may need to alter/grind them to the right size.

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 10 x 5 in

2, 4


Surface Finish

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